Unconventional Tourist-y Things You Can Do Around the Sunshine Coast

When one thinks Sunshine Coast, they think beaches. The typical surf, sand, and sun package – with a couple cute photos and maybe some great coffee thrown into the mix. But there’s more to this peri-urban melting pot of drifters, wanderers, locals, and weekend warriors than just seaside venues and awesome scenic sea views. Here are a couple dozen unconventional things you can do around Sunshine Coast that don’t involve the beach.

1. Score Vintage Finds at Colour Me Retro

This quaint and quirky little shop on Oval Avenue, Caloundra sells all sorts of vintage clothing and accessories. They also have a decent selection of retro toys and homegoods! If you’re a firm believer of “oldies but goldies,” you’ll spend many a happy hour or two here.

2. Head to the Highest Point in Montville (and Taste Some Fine Wine)

Flame Hill Vineyard is “perfectly positioned” at 420 metres above sea level. It’s the highest point in Montville on the Blackall Range and it is home to some truly excellent local wine. 100% hand-harvested and estate-grown, these wines are sourced from plantings that are up to eighty years old. Head up early and get a little bubbly in you for a delightful day trip ahead.

Their expansive of selection of reds, whites, fortifieds, and sparkling means literally anyone can pick their poison (don’t drink and drive, friends!)

3. Walk a 4K in Buderim

The Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk is an easy 4k walk through regrowth forest. Plenty of nature-y sounds to keep you company and lush green backdrops for excellent Instagram photos. There are also fairly interesting points of historical value along the way. If you want to get a good 10k steps or so in while appreciating Sunshine Coast History, park your vehicle on Telco road and head on over to the corner of Mons and Telco Roads.

4. Pose Next to a Giant Pineapple in Nambour

You know.

Just ‘cause.

(Seriously, The Big Pineapple is one of the best-known and most-loved Sunshine Coast attractions. You haven’t visited Nambour if you haven’t visited The Big Pineapple. You want an unusual photo that’ll make people do a double-take? What’s more unusual than giant tropical fruit?)

5. Enjoy Greasy Burgers and Retro Milkshakes in a (Converted) Petrol Station and Workshop

Rick’s Garage Diner on Margaret Street is the only licensed mechanical workshop in Palmwoods. It also happens to be this really funky retro diner that serves awesomely greasy burgers and ice cold beer (among other things). Had a whole week of eating clean? Treat yourself to some artery-clogging favourites. Rick’s Garage Diner is famous for its chips, Peri-Peri spicy chicken wings, and oh-so-thick-and-frothy milkshakes.

6. Sit in Salt Caves and Benefit from Salt Therapy

Not actual salt caves, mind.

Salt Caves is an established salt therapy centre in Mooloolaba that provides organic therapeutic treatments that utilize the natural healing properties of Himalayan salt. They say it can boost your immune system, help with respiratory problems, and clear skin issues – among other things. They’ve got plenty of reviews and testimonials on their website, so why not give it a go? If nothing else, you’re sure to feel pampered silly. They’re well-lauded for the royal treatment they give their clients.

7. Feel Swanky and Sip High Tea at Aimee Provence

Advertised as “the home of Afternoon Tea,” Aimee Provence is a High Tea Parlour in Buderim that is the definition of “dripping in class.” The whole venue is so clean, elegant, and refined, you’ll be tempted to stick your pinky finger out as you sample brewed perfection from elegant white teacups.

(But please don’t – it’s unnecessary).

Classic décor, luxurious seating, and stunning views make for a perfect weekend afternoon with the gal pals and besties.