The Best Sunshine Coast Hole-in-the-Wall Coffee Shops Where You Can Sit and Watch the World Go By

Fancy a caffeine-fuelled stroll (or maybe a full-blown drive) through Sunshine Coast? Take some notes and get your cameras ready; there are plenty of truly excellent (and aesthetically lovely) coffee shops and cafés littering this sun-kissed peri-urban area. Want to munch on some mouth-watering pastries while watching the sunrise? Or maybe cradle a perfectly-crafted latte as you lose yourself in the sights and sounds of Moffat Beach.

Whatever your fancy, these hole-in-the-wall cafés are sure to deliver.

White Picket Fence Café

Advertised as one of Caloundra’s best locations for “quality brunch and coffee,” White Picket Fence Café is the epitome of classic, old-school suburbia. We’re talking happy yellow furniture, polka-dotted umbrellas, bicycles out front, and – of course – clean, white walls.

Even if you’re not a fan of “the good old days,” you’re sure to be a fan of their menu. Pair a delicate chai latte with some beetroot hummus or enjoy a cold brew on a beautiful summer morning with some reliable eggs on toast.

Decisions Café

At Decisions Café, the decision’s all yours. Literally. This novel, one-of-a-kind café nestled in Birtinya caters to both people with a gluten-free, meat-free, plant-based palate and people who crave a nice, juicy, burger with double-deep-fried fries on the side.

The #SUPERFOOD and #SUPERJUNK division of their all-day dining menu has made it incredibly easy for customers to find what they want, when they want it. The ever-changing options means you’re guaranteed to get a rich, flavourful meal regardless of what you’re feeling for that day.

Having a cheat day or just needing that shot of good grease? Help yourself to their chorizo burger and wash it down with some sinfully sweet passion fruit French toast. Need to detox and cleanse? Tuck into their loaded smash and pair it with their roast pumpkin salad – a true autumnal delight!

The Pocket Espresso Bar

Serving delicious locally-sourced food, crafty cocktails, and some of the most invigorating cups of coffee this side of the Sunshine Coast, The Pocket Espresso Bar is a true seaside gem. Located right on the soft sands of Moffat Beach, this wood-vintage-deco-and-cheery-pastels establishment is guaranteed to bring about a contented smile on your face – and a good load of caffeine in your system.

No matter what diet you’re observing or how strong you like your coffee, rest assured there’s something for you at The Pocket Espresso Bar. Bonus: all their drinks are crazy photogenic. Check out these aesthetically tasty snapshots.

The Birds & The Beans

The melting pot of weekend warriors, wanderlust-ridden drifters, and old souls. Cradle a steaming cup of Kai Specialty Coffee as you take in the soft, flitting rays of Sunshine Coast’s sunrise at The Birds & The Beans espresso bar.

Serving rich, seasonal meals and carefully crafted pastries with just the right amount of sugar and warmth, this hole-in-the-wall coffee joint is a treasure chest of a find. Polished, well-kept wood and well-loved furniture serve as the backdrop for some delicious dietary delights. The community is warm, welcoming, and truly a delight to be around.

Urban Garden

Aside from their unique, locally-roasted house blend (guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and get you back up to a hundred), Urban Garden has managed to nab a spot on this list thanks to their life-changing Milk Bar Cookies.

Located in the heart of Maroochydore, this sun-kissed specialty coffee shop ticks all the classic charms of a hole-in-the-wall establishment: tight-knit community, distinct flavour, and funky interior décor. Sit and watch the world go by as you sample their single origin coffees and hand-selected delights.

They even get local food trucks to supply lunch on the weekdays, so you’ll never know what delish dish is waiting to be paired with your cup of Joe. Keep an eye on their socials – Facebook and Insta, of course – to stay in-the-know!