When is graffiti art and not vandalism? That’s a pretty heavy question that can actually launch a good half-hour debate – with plenty of social, moral, legal, and cultural perspectives to boot.

But we’re not keen on getting too deep into it, so take our statement as harmless opinion (rather than definitive fact). Vandalism or not, graffiti can be pretty freaking fantastic. Artistic pieces live with light and shadow, lines and colours, words and characters.

There’s no mistaking the aesthetic, because the aesthetic is pretty kick-ass.

Plus, good murals can easily breathe life into a street, add colour to an otherwise boring brick wall, and even tell a full-length – or block-length, as the case may be – story.

Suffice to say, we love street art. We love the larger-than-life, creativity-in-the-mundane appeal of it. And if you’re of the same vein, then you’ll want to take notes. Sunshine Coast is home to some spectacular street art pieces. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.

Nambour PCYC Mural

Yeah, we get how unusual it is for “PCYC” and “graffiti” to be in the same sentence – much less the same area. But nestled deep in Nambour is a perfectly legal graffiti wall that’s hidden behind the local PCYC.

It’s been there for years, in fact, and has seen its fair share of local talent, travelling artists, and even angsty, scribbly teenagers.

The most recent addition is a bold, vivid, and gorgeously vibrant piece by famed street artist Emmanuel Moore. Who knew a simple table setting with some flowers and a cheery lemon could look so damn good on a wall?

Nambour Public Art Trail

Nambour has recently begun to embrace street art as a two-fold community initiative: beautify their bustling little town and give exposure to local artists (with the occasional renowned one every now and then). It helps to elevate the area, attract the tourists, and give people a neat, visual incentive to wander around.

Hence the birth of Nambour’s own Art Trail. Yep – 13 incredibly stunning artworks spanning a full 2.3km loop around the town’s centre.

Lovingly created by both locally- and nationally-recognised street artists, each work represents the town’s history through each creator’s unique lens. If you’re obsessed with local colour (in this case, quite literally), then this lovely, lively art loop is sure to put you in good spirits.

Caloundra Street Art Trail Loop

Caloundra’s got what Nambour’s got, too. Little shorter, sure, but no less spectacular. All 1.7km of this little art loop is characterized by splashes of colour, interesting characters, abstract concepts, and some truly mesmerizing feats of artistic talent.

Each work is meant to highlight local history and cultural significance, but you’re sure to find hidden gems beyond the “official” artworks, so don’t be surprised. The streets of Caloundra are vibrant, vivid, and bursting street art masterpieces.

Keep your eye out for the retro besser brick, Aboriginal mural adjacent to the Kings-Beach Bathing Pavilion. There are also two adorable black cats waiting for you on the walls of Williamson Lane.